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LiftMaster Product Updates

Please find below some important product updates from LiftMaster:

Future Discontinuation of LiftMaster® Model LC-36A (Non-monitored Light Curtain)

The supply of the LiftMaster Non-monitored Light Curtain, model LC-36A, will be discontinued in the near future. LiftMaster will continue to sell these LC-36A Non-monitored Light Curtains until inventory is depleted. At current consumption rates, they anticipate that Inventory will be available into the 4th quarter of 2022.

Product Bulletin - Light Curtain LC36A
Download PDF • 99KB

Discontinuance of LiftMaster® Barrier Gate Operators with Clutches

LiftMaster is discontinuing barrier gate operators with clutches, effective June 1, 2022. Please refer to the pdf below for a list of models being discontinued and recommended replacements.

Product Bulletin - Gate Operators Discontinuance
Download PDF • 86KB

Discontinuance of Select LiftMaster® Gate Operators Service Parts

LiftMaster is discontinuing select Gate Operators Service Parts and support, effective October 30, 2022. Until then, these products will remain available for purchase, while supplies last. The models listed in the pdf below will be impacted by these changes.

Product Bulletin - Gate Operators Discontinuance 2
Download PDF • 144KB

Discontinuance of LiftMaster® Industrial Slide Gate Operators

LiftMaster will discontinue the legacy industrial gate operator product listed in the pdf below. Their new line of Industrial Slide Gate Operators is designed for retrofit to the existing SL585 and SL595 series to reduce installation time and site modifications.

Product Bulletin - Gate Operators Discontinuance 3
Download PDF • 116KB

Ending technical support and service parts for older Commercial Door Operators for US and Canadian Customers

LiftMaster will be ending the support and service parts of obsolete LiftMaster commercial door operators listed in the pdf below.

Product Bulletin - L3, Mechanical Discontinuance
Download PDF • 100KB

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