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R&S Automation, Inc.

We don’t just sell products; we pride ourselves on being the one call you need to make to grow your business.

What sets us apart is the personal attention, training opportunities, and sales and marketing support that comes along with access to our extensive portfolio of door, dock and gate automation products.

We go above and beyond for our customers by offering:

• In-house operator modifications and the ability to make our own edges.

• Access control software sales and management services

• Express parts deliveries in local markets

• Accompanying customers on job walks or board meetings


Our commitment to putting the needs of Dealers first is ingrained in our core values, driving everything we do. Partner with R&S Automation, Inc., and let us help you become a leader in your marketplace.

Where to Find Us


283 W Bonita Ave

Pomona, CA



7200 SE 92nd Ave

Unit H,Portland,OR




2041 W Ave 140th

San Leandro, CA




33955 7th St.

Union City, CA



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