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R&S Wholesale Doors, Inc.

We’ve been committed to excellence since 1963. Beyond providing a wide selection of quality rolling steel, sectional and sheet doors, garage door openers, hardware, and accessories as well as other repair and installation convenience items, what sets us apart are the specialized services we offer to tailor our doors to your unique needs, including:

  • Converting steel sectional doors into one-piece tilt-up doors

  • Building steel commercial ribbed sectional doors within 48 hours (check for size limit).

  • Cutting down doors to size, cutting and cappingsteel sections

  • Creating slope/trailer sections from flush steel sections

  • Installation of windows, vents and mail slots.


Our commitment to putting the needs of Dealers first is ingrained in our core values, driving everything we do. Partner with R&S Wholesale Doors, Inc. for more than just doors – partner with us for tailored solutions, support and expertise.

Where to Find Us


2057 W Ave 140th

San Leandro, CA




7200 SE 92nd Ave

Unit H,Portland,OR



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