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CellGate now available at R&S Automation, Inc.

CellGate now available at R&S Automation

As customer's demand for cell-based access control management keeps growing, we are now carrying the full CellGate line of products. Whether you are catering to single families wanting a simple video intercom, or working with large commercial properties with multiple access points, CellGate has a solution for you:

The Watchman product line includes video telephone entry, access control & visitor management products. OmniPoint products feature multi-point wireless access control solutions, and Unify U320 offers security options when voice or video communication are not needed.

CellGate products can be installed using cellular LTE or a hard-wired internet connection, so they work almost anywhere.

Head to the R&S Automation, Inc. website to familiarize yourself with all these products, check your pricing and order online!

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