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DBCI sheet doors back in stock

R&S Wholesale Doors, Inc. and R&S Manufacturing of SoCal, Inc. are pleased to announce that DBCI 2000 Series and 2500 Series sheet doors are back in stock!

These quality, low-maintenance roll-up steel doors are ideal for warehouses, car washes, machine shops, auto body shops, and more. DBCI's commercial-grade steel curtains are designed to meet or exceed operational requirements, and the 16-gauge 12" drums are easy to retract and maintain.

👉 The 2000 Series is the perfect door for light-duty applications that require frequent use.

👉 The 2500 Series is a heavy-duty sheet door suitable for warehouse and freight buildings.


Contact your distribution center for pricing:

R&S Wholesale Doors, Inc. - San Leandro, CA: (510) 483-5330

R&S Manufacturing of SoCal, Inc. - Pomona, CA: (909) 596-2090

DBCI 2000 Series Data Sheet
Download PDF • 1.92MB

DBCI 2500 Series Data Sheet
Download PDF • 836KB

DBCI Sheet Doors back in stock

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