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LiftMaster new CDOs coming out next month

Coming in February! These operators are fast, smart, and simple. They include a comprehensive feature set and a sleek, modular, purpose-built design that is easier to install and service.

BUT... these models will be replacing the Logic 5 operators - we know this is a big deal for you and your crews, and we're here to assist with the learning curve.

LiftMaster Maxum Operators

👉 Our website is loaded with comparison charts, brochures and manuals for each model. You can build your operator with accessories and mods, and access your pricing all in one place, so you can quote your customers faster.

👉 If you would like a training in your office for your staff, don't hesitate to contact Nikki Zenger at or (971) 275-8722. This YouTube video is also very useful: How to Install the LiftMaster Maxum Hoist Operator Models JDC and JHDC

👉 Did you know? R&S Automation, Inc. provides bench testing of all operators at no extra charge, and allows you to upgrade the packed-in photoeye kit!

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